Professional crypto asset management

Professional crypto asset management

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies will have a significant impact on our society. We are contributing to this transformation by educating investors and providing our clients with tailor-made crypto asset management solutions.


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proven investment strategies

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We are a diverse team of experienced professionals from the traditional asset management industry, private equity, venture capital, and information technology. We have developed substantial expertise in crypto asset allocation and investment selection.

Individual portfolio management

Individual portfolio management

Our premium service, created for crypto startups and other high-net-worth investors. It offers tailor-made solutions with a range of investment strategies.

Solidum Prime crypto fund

Solidum Prime digital portfolio

Solidum Prime (SOPR) is the world’s first equal weight digital portfolio on the ICONOMI platform. It offers an easy, fast, and secure solution for investing into multiple cryptocurrencies.

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Now Is Best Time to Invest in Solidum Prime
01 Apr 2019

Now Is Best Time to Invest in Solidum Prime

As the new crypto bull run is emerging, Solidum Prime’s equal weight investment strategy shines once again.

How Top Hedge Fund Managers Earn Billions of Dollars Each Year
13 Feb 2019
Knowledge Base

How Top Hedge Fund Managers Earn Billions of Dollars Each Year?

In 2017, the top five hedge fund managers combined earned more than all 500 CEOs of the largest US corporations that make up the S&P 500 index.

Warren Buffett
10 Oct 2018
Knowledge Base

Three Very Important Lessons to Learn from Warren Buffett’s $1 Million Bet

Can active trading deliver higher returns than passive HODLing? Buffett’s bet with hedge funds provides great lessons.

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