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You’re Welcome to Contact Us!

It is my true pleasure to be a part of the Solidum Capital team of dedicated professionals as the head of customer support. Apart from our goal in becoming the world-leading digital asset management company for the crypto community, our mission is also to provide you with the most reliable and enjoyable customer experience possible.

We are available for you to contact us on any of the following channels:

As we speak with our customers, we are also continuously building our self-serving Help Center where you can find detailed guides for your investments and all the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

To get you started, here is a brief guide for investing in the Solidum Prime crypto fund:

  • If you already are a registered ICONOMI user and have the ICONOMI account, then simply find Solidum Prime (SOPR) in your account and follow the on-screen instructions to invest. We have also prepared step-by-step instructions on how to invest: Solidum Prime investing guide.

  • If you are not yet an ICONOMI user, then you will first need to create your own ICONOMI account. This includes registration and a two-fold verification process. It is simple: visit, click Register and follow the instructions. For your assistance, here is our step-by-step tutorial: ICONOMI account registration guide.

To learn more about our project and our crypto fund, read an Introduction to Solidum Capital from our CEO.



Individual portfolio management

Individual portfolio management

Our premium service, created for crypto startups and other high-net-worth investors. It offers tailor-made solutions with a range of investment strategies.

Solidum Prime Crypto Fund

Solidum Actio & Cautus Crypto Funds

Easy, fast, and safe gateway to enter the crypto world or to diversify your existing crypto portfolio. Only top crypto assets, actively managed on the ICONOMI platform.