Press Release: Solidum Capital Appoints ICONOMI as a Custodian for their Clients’ Digital Assets

Solidum Capital, a leading European crypto asset management company, announces that they have selected ICONOMI as an independent third-party custodian for their clients’ digital assets. ICONOMI provides top-notch security for digital assets storage and has recently completed a major trading engine upgrade. It offers a fully functional platform with support for more than 70 cryptocurrencies.

Gregor Zupanc, co-founder and CEO of Solidum Capital, comments: “Our mission is to bring the traditional asset management standards to the crypto economy and by appointing a third-party custodian, I am delighted to acknowledge that we have reached one of our most important milestones in fulfilling this mission so far. This transition also meets our two main goals — increasing the security of our clients’ digital assets and enhancing the performance of our investment strategies.”

Tim M. Zagar, co-founder and CEO of ICONOMI, adds: “A reliable infrastructure is a crucial prerequisite, not just for further growth of the crypto industry but also for the future engagement of institutional investors in the crypto market. Of course, this is just the beginning, and we will see more activity down the road which will accompany the further mass adoption of the crypto.“

About Solidum Capital
Solidum Capital is a crypto asset management company managed by a team of experienced professionals with an extensive background in the financial industry. They build world-class crypto portfolios for their clients and help the young crypto ecosystem to grow by providing treasury management for the crypto startups. Learn more about Solidum Capital on

The ICONOMI platform is designed for beginners and experienced investors alike. With years of experience in the blockchain space and a diverse range of professional backgrounds ranging from finance to development, the ICONOMI team is driven by the shared goal of making cryptocurrency accessible to everyone. Users can invest in single cryptocurrencies and in Digital Portfolios, collections of multiple cryptocurrencies managed by Experts. Moreover, experienced investors can create their own digital portfolios and monetize their knowledge. Learn more about ICONOMI on

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