Solidum Prime Monthly Report for April 2019

Key highlights

  • Performance in April 2019: -4.78%

  • Performance in the last three months: +59.87%

  • Performance in the last six months: -25.04%

  • Performance since inception: -56.42%

  • Assets Under Management: $479,415

  • Solidum Prime maintains 25 assets in the portfolio

Market overview

April marked new yearly highs after a persistent year-long “crypto winter”. The crypto market recovered over 19.76% of its capitalization in the past month, having tested new resistance levels at 170–185 billion several times. Bitcoin clearly outperformed the market with a gain of 30.33% in April alone, whereas Ether kept following the market but it could not quite catch up, though still ending the month with a positive monthly performance of 14.60%.

Below is a recap of the top three monthly gainers and losers amongst the top 25 market movers compared to BTC & ETH performance:

Market movers — the top three gainers and losers, BTC & ETH performance | April 2019

Portfolio changes

We did not make any changes to the portfolio in April — Solidum Prime maintains a portfolio of 25 equally-weighted digital assets.

Portfolio rebalancing

Solidum Prime maintains the same rebalancing structure, with the portfolio being rebalanced once per week — every Wednesday, or more frequently if deemed suitable by our Investment Committee.

Furthermore, due to the fact that some of our holdings performed exceptionally well in April — for instance, Bitcoin Cash which gained over 87% in two days (2–4 April), Tezos which gained over 19% (15–19 April), and Holo which gained 12% (on 17 April) — , our Investment Committee decided to realize these returns multiple times, which contributed to the overall performance.

Solidum Prime performance review

Below is a chart comparing the Solidum Prime and the market benchmark performances for April 2019.

Solidum Prime performance Vs. market benchmark performance | April 2019

April can be summarized as the “month of Bitcoin”. Our Solidum 20 Market Cap Weight Index measures the performance of 20 digital assets with the highest market capitalization, of which Bitcoin dominates over 55%. Due to the fact that Bitcoin performed exceptionally well, gaining over 30% in a single month, it should be no surprise that the index outperformed Solidum Prime in April.

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