Solidum Prime (SOPR) Monthly Report for January 2019

Key Highlights

  • Performance in January 2019: -5.94%

  • Performance in the last three months: -53.11%

  • Performance in the last six months: -68.31%

  • Performance since inception: -72.74%

  • Assets Under Management: $267,578

  • Solidum Prime maintains 23 assets in the portfolio

Market Overview

2019 took off on a positive note, with the market’s continuous growth up until 10 January. Right after reaching its monthly high of around $138 billion cap, the market surged downwards, losing -11.60% in a single day. From that point on, the crypto market stayed rather steady, hovering between $110–$125 billion until the end of the month.

Bitcoin slightly outperformed the market, with a monthly loss of -10.04%, whereas Ether had a terrible month, losing -23.97% in January. Ether’s battle for retaining its spot as the second biggest cryptocurrency is still ongoing, as it was again overthrown by no other than Ripple in the past month.

Below is a recap of the top three monthly gainers and losers amongst the top 25 market movers:

Market movers — January top three gainers and losers
Cryptocurrencychart, own calculations

Portfolio Changes

We did not make any changes to the portfolio in December — Solidum Prime maintains a portfolio of 23 equally-weighted digital assets.

Portfolio Rebalancing

Solidum Prime also maintains the same rebalancing structure, with the portfolio being rebalanced once per week — every Wednesday, or more frequently if deemed suitable by our Investment Committee.

SOPR Performance Review

Below is a chart comparing the Solidum Prime and the market benchmark performances for January 2019.

Solidum Prime performance Vs. market benchmark performance | January 2019

Following its results in December 2018, Solidum Prime once again outperformed the market — again by a substantial margin. While the market experienced a loss of -10.46% in January, Solidum Prime ended the month with a loss of only -5.94%. We believe that more opportunistic investments, which we can utilize in our SOPR portfolio, as well as our rebalancing structure, are the two main contributors for SOPR performance in the past two months. We also believe that such results will continue steadily in 2019.

Make sure to also read our Monthly Crypto Commentary for January 2019 with an exclusive overview of the major news and market movements, and supportive insights for the crypto investors.

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