Solidum Prime (SOPR) Monthly Report for March 2019

Key highlights

  • Performance in March 2019: +42.94%

  • Performance in the last three months: +57.94%

  • Performance in the last six months: -21.64%

  • Performance since inception: -54.23%

  • Assets Under Management: $488,306

  • Solidum Prime portfolio was increased from 23 assets to 25 assets

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Market overview

In March, the crypto market has marked the fourth consecutive month of its new bullish trend. While the current market is not experiencing the crazy astronomical daily returns of, say, December 2017 (although we have noticed some new spikes in April), it does show strong signs of a stable recovery with a progressive uptrend. The crypto market succeeded in recovering 11.02% of its market capitalization in March. These movements have also sparked quite some interest by the major media outlets, bloggers, and other content creators, presenting the general public with the reports regarding the long-awaited change of the bearish sentiment.

Both BTC and ETH failed to outperform the market in the past month, still, their performance is not to be overlooked. Bitcoin appreciated by 6.52% in March, while Ether gained 3.48%.

Below is a recap of the top three monthly gainers and losers amongst the top 25 market movers:

Market movers — March top three gainers and losers

Portfolio changes

Our Investment Committee decided to add two new assets to our existing portfolio: LOOM Network (LOOM) and HOLO (HOT). Both additions turned out to be profitable, having outperformed BTC and ETH in March, with gains of 42.46% and 8.22%, respectively. LOOM clearly outperformed the market, while HOT managed to follow the market. We believe that both assets present solid projects with good management and working products which is why we decided to include them in the SOPR portfolio.

Portfolio rebalancing

Solidum Prime maintains the same rebalancing structure, with the portfolio being rebalanced once per week — every Wednesday, or more frequently if deemed suitable by our Investment Committee.

Furthermore, due to the fact that some of our holdings performed exceptionally well in March — for instance, Everex which gained over 385% in two days (24–26 March) — , our Investment Committee decided to realize these returns multiple times, which contributed to the overall performance.

SOPR performance review

Below is a chart comparing the Solidum Prime and the market benchmark performances for March 2019.

Solidum Prime performance Vs. market benchmark performance | March 2019

We are very proud to see that Solidum Prime once again outperformed the market, marking March the fourth consecutive month to do so.

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March was an exceptionally good month for SOPR. The market had an overall gain of 8.47% in the past month (according to our benchmark which is a proxy for an index that follows the top 20 cryptocurrencies by market cap), while Solidum Prime achieved an overall monthly gain of 42.94%, having thus outperformed the market by a substantial margin.

At Solidum Capital, we are very happy to witness these results, since they confirm and reward our unceasing endeavors with active portfolio management, asset valuation and analysis, frequent portfolio rebalancing, active monitoring and a proven portfolio strategy utilized by SOPR—now fueled by the new optimistic market trend which we have all been waiting for.

Find more information about our Solidum Prime (SOPR) digital portfolio on our websitein the latest SOPR Fact Sheet, and on the ICONOMI platform.



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