In this collection of four articles, we're describing the procedure of withdrawing your funds after your investment in Solidum Crypto Funds. It is simple – in fact, you already know all the steps from the deposit procedure, only this time, the order is reversed: selling your Solidum Crypto Fund on ICONOMI > depositing the cryptocurrency to Bitstamp and exchanging it in EUR/USD > transferring EUR/USD to your bank account.

In this article, we're discussing the first step - how to sell your Solidum Crypto Fund units on ICONOMI:

  1. Go to and login to your account.

  2. Choose the Portfolio menu. Under CRYPTO FUNDS, find your Solidum Crypto Fund and click Sell.

  3. In the Sell Solidum Crypto Fund form, choose the cryptocurrency you want to sell to. In our instructions, we're showing an example of selling Solidum Prime [our former Crypto Fund] to Ethereum, however, you can choose Bitcoin if you like. Under both options, you can also see your current Balance of the appropriate currency on your ICONOMI account.

  4. In the next step of the Sell form, you'll be presented with the Exchange rate (the current value of 1 Solidum Crypto Fund unit in ETH) and Your Solidum Crypto Fund balance (the amount of Solidum Crypto Fund units available on your ICONOMI account).

    • Under Amount of Solidum Crypto Fund to sell, enter the amount of your Solidum Crypto Fund units that you wish to sell.

    • In the field Amount of ETH to receive, the corresponding amount of ETH, according to the momentary selling rate, will be automatically calculated. Below, the Equity value in USD according to the current ETH exchange rate will be shown.

    • Click Preview to review your selling order before its execution (the actual sale will be completed only in the subsequent step).

  5. Double check your Order Summary and confirm the order by clicking Place order. Should you wish to correct the amount to sell, you can return to the previous step by clicking Back.

    • Fee: ICONOMI's exit fee in ETH.

    • Amount to receive: the actual amount in ETH which you'll receive after selling (exit fee already deducted).

    • At the bottom of the form, ICONOMI counts down the time, within which you're being guaranteed the listed exchange rate.

  6. After the sale has been successfully completed, you'll be presented with a receipt - Transaction Completed:

    • Amount received: the amount in ETH transferred to your account.

    • ID: the transaction identity number.

    • Your new Solidum Crypto Fund balance: the new balance of your Solidum Crypto Fund units on your ICONOMI account after the sale, and its Equity value in USD.

    • Your new Ethereum balance: the new balance in ETH on your ICONOMI account after the sale, and its Equity value in USD.

You may now continue to the following step: (11b) Withdrawing ETH from ICONOMI to Bitstamp.

Should you need any additional support, please contact the competent provider.

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