Now you have EUR on your Bitstamp account and in the following steps, you will exchange EUR to the cryptocurrency ETH (ether). You may also have USD on your account but these instructions refer to EUR.

  1. Log in to your Bitstamp account.

  2. Click Buy/Sell in the upper menu, then Instant Order (Simple) in the left menu. Then click Buy ETH:

  3. Under I Want to Spend, enter the amount in EUR that you want to exchange in ETH. In the upper row, you can see how much EUR you have available. Then click BUY ETH below.

    • Bitstamp fee for this transaction is 0%.

    • Approx. ETH to receive shows approximately how much ETH you can expect according to the current exchange rate.

  4. Now your order to buy ETH is open and will soon be executed:
    05 Opened Order

  5. After the exchange has been successfully made, you will see a new Balance of ETH on your account:

Hereby, you have finished all the necessary steps on the Bitstamp online exchange. You may now continue onto registering your account on the ICONOMI platform.

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