Always contact your provider’s support directly

On our Help Center, we strive to offer you our best possible support. We’re also happy to offer our advice about the services of some other providers and to prepare the user guides for you.

However, when it comes to specific questions about their services (such as the exact transaction costs) or troubleshooting (e.g. your account verification, problems with your account, or troubles with transactions), we encourage you to always turn directly to the support of that particular provider, since these questions surpass our authority and since we cannot be liable for the services of other providers.

  • Concerning your Bitstamp account and transactions, contact:

  • Concerning your ICONOMI account and transactions, contact:

  • Concerning transactions from or to your bank account, contact your bank.

  • Concerning taxes, contact your tax advisor.

Nonetheless, should you have any additional questions concerning Solidum Capital and our product, the Solidum Prime Crypto Fund, you’re kindly invited to contact us.

Individual portfolio management

Individual portfolio management

Our premium service, created for crypto startups and other high-net-worth investors. It offers tailor-made solutions with a range of investment strategies.

Solidum Prime Crypto Fund

Solidum Prime Crypto Fund

Solidum Prime (SOPR) is the world’s first equal weight Crypto Fund on the ICONOMI platform. It offers an easy, fast, and secure solution for investing into multiple cryptocurrencies.