On ICONOMI, depositing funds to or withdrawing them from your account are subject to limits, according to the level of verification (“tier”) of your ICONOMI account.

The majority of users will most probably opt for the Tier 1 verification, which is accomplished by verifying your phone number and by proving your identity with your ID and your photo. In this case, you will be approved these limits (valid as of Feb 2018):

  • Limit of deposit, per year: 14,000.00 USD

  • Limit of withdrawal, per day: 15,000.00 USD

  • Limit of withdrawal, per month: 50,000.00 USD

Please, check the valid data and higher tier limits in this article by ICONOMI: Levels of verification and tier limits.

Note: Our answer here describes the limits for deposits and withdrawals on your ICONOMI account. Whereas, the amounts for buying or selling the units of the Crypto Fund within your ICONOMI account are subject to different limits – learn more in the following article.

Why is my withdrawal disabled?

Due to security reasons, the withdrawal from the ICONOMI account can temporarily be banned due to the settings of the two-factor authentication (2FA) – read more.

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