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Here is the full list of contents of our Help Center: step-by-step instructions for using the Bitstamp crypto exchange, ICONOMI, and for investing in Solidum Prime Crypto Fund.

Investing with Solidum Capital

Which one - individual portfolio management or Solidum Prime?

How to Invest in Solidum Capital Portfolios?

Investing in Solidum Prime

How to Invest in Solidum Prime on ICONOMI?

Crypto User Guides

Guides for Bitstamp:

(1) Registering your Bitstamp account

(2) Verifying your Bitstamp account

(3) Enabling two-factor authentication on Bitstamp

(4) Depositing funds on your Bitstamp account

(5) Exchanging your funds to ETH on Bitstamp

Guides for ICONOMI:

(6) Registering your ICONOMI account

(7) Verifying your ICONOMI account

(8) Enabling two-factor authentication on ICONOMI

(9) Depositing ETH to your ICONOMI account

Investing in Solidum Prime (SOPR) on ICONOMI:

(10) Buying SOPR units on ICONOMI

Withdrawing funds from Solidum Prime:

(11a) ICONOMI: selling SOPR units

(11b) Withdrawing ETH from ICONOMI to Bitstamp

(11c) Bitstamp: exchanging ETH to EUR

(11d) Bitstamp: withdrawing EUR to your bank account

Knowledge Base

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I’m a “crypto beginner”. I need complete information.

About Solidum Prime (SOPR) Crypto Fund:

Tell me all about your Crypto Fund, your conditions and strategy, and about your company.

What are min/max buy & sell limits for SOPR?

What are SOPR fees and how are they calculated?

How do I sell my SOPR units? How long does it take?

Which cryptocurrencies can I use to buy SOPR units?

Are there any taxes?

How often do you rebalance SOPR?

Where are SOPR units stored?

Where can I see the amount of SOPR assets under management and number of investors?

Do you plan to tokenize SOPR units?

Why are some prospective cryptocurrencies not included in the SOPR portfolio?

About Other Providers

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What are transaction fees and processing times?

BITSTAMP: How do I effectively verify my account?

BITSTAMP: Is it necessary to use Bitstamp or can I also use another crypto exchange?

BITSTAMP: How do I fill in the reference in SEPA money transfer to Bitstamp?

ICONOMI: How do I effectively verify my account?

ICONOMI: How do I withdraw my funds? How long does it take?

ICONOMI: What are deposit and withdrawal limits on my account?

ICONOMI: Do I have to enable 2FA to make withdrawals?

ICONOMI: Can I buy SOPR units directly with FIAT currencies (EUR, USD…)?

ICONOMI: Is ICONOMI account registration supported for my country?

Can you give more info on a specific ICO?



Individual portfolio management

Individual portfolio management

Our premium service, created for crypto startups and other high-net-worth investors. It offers tailor-made solutions with a range of investment strategies.

Solidum Prime Crypto Fund

Solidum Prime Crypto Fund

Solidum Prime (SOPR) is the world’s first equal weight Crypto Fund on the ICONOMI platform. It offers an easy, fast, and secure solution for investing into multiple cryptocurrencies.