Tell me all about your Crypto Funds, your conditions and strategy, and about your company.

In a nutshell:

  • Our website:

  • Our products: Solidum Crypto Funds (managed on the ICONOMI platform)

  • Established: 1 August 2017

  • Number of holdings: 20–30

  • Reporting: monthly

  • Calculation currency: USD

  • Entry fee: 0.00%

  • Exit fee: 0.50%

  • Management fee: 2.00% annually

  • Performance fee: 20.00% (with high watermark provision)

  • Minimum buy/sell of Solidum Crypto Funds units: 10 USD

  • Maximum buy/sell of Solidum Crypto Funds units: 10,000 USD daily

In detail:

Please, visit the Solidum Crypto Funds page to learn more about the products, our investment strategy, and the rigorous investment process that we follow in our asset management. Of course, you're also welcome to meet our team!

Learn how to invest in Solidum Crypto Funds on ICONOMI | Invest now!

Please, find more answers to common questions about Solidum Crypto Funds (such as fees, limits, the withdrawal process, taxes etc.) in our Knowledge Base.

In our Help Center, you will also find our step-by-step self-service guides with all the instructions you need to open the accounts, exchange fiat to cryptocurrency, transfer it to ICONOMI, and buy Solidum Crypto Funds units.

Should you need further support, you're always welcome to contact us.

Individual portfolio management

Individual portfolio management

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