Individual portfolio management

Individual portfolio management

Premium services for corporate and high-net-worth investors

Professional investors need tailor-made solutions. Our services are designed to generate performance according to specific investment objectives and risk profiles. Many larger clients have already chosen to delegate the day-to-day management of their portfolios to us.

Professional asset management

Professional asset management

A team of investment professionals with an extensive background in the financial industry.

Strong track record

Strong track record

Fundamental approach with a well-defined investment process and successfully tested strategies.

Complete alignment of interests

Complete alignment of interests

By utilizing the high water mark provision, Solidum Capital earns the fees only if the clients make money.

For crypto startups

Our professional asset management provides you with two important benefits: additional funding for your startup and freedom to focus on the development of your project.

For high-net-worth clients

By entrusting us with your crypto wealth, you can relieve yourself of the day-to-day burden of managing your crypto assets and have more time for other meaningful pursuits.

Individual portfolio management

Investment strategies

Depending on your risk profile, you can choose between two investment strategies. You have the possibility of changing your selected strategy at any time.

Solidum Cautus

This strategy focuses on capital preservation and targets moderate growth. It utilizes a very active hedging mechanism with the use of stablecoins to reduce portfolio volatility.

Solidum Actio

This strategy focuses on capital appreciation. It utilizes a more aggressive approach and is fully invested at all times – there is no hedging.

Performance comparison of two different investment strategies

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We are a diverse team of experienced professionals from the traditional asset management industry, private equity, venture capital, and information technology. We have developed substantial expertise in crypto asset allocation and investment selection.

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